20 February 2016

We wanto to share a great projet with you.

TUDEFRIGO  enters the logistics market in Brazil together with Canter Cargo, one of the major port and Forwarding operators in south america.

After taking a share in the capital of Center Cargo tapajós, Tudefrigo has positioned itself as one of the most powerful logistics companies in the sector, providing new and attractive strategic distribution points for its customers. Center Cargo currently has 11 delegations across Brazil, Chile, Miami and – soom – Spain.

Brazil is the country with the best growth prospects of all the so-called “emerging” countries.

  • 9% growth in GDP.
  • Large domestic market.
  • Pleasant business climate.
  • Stable regulatory conditions.
  • Legal security.
  • Credible asset pricing.

The alliance between these two companies creates a solid multimodal transport bridge between America and Europe, and we are sure that it will open up great business opportunities for our customers.

Web would like to share it with all of you, so we are at your service to provide any futher information you may require and encourage you to undertake new projests with us.

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