Refrigerated or frozen transportation specialists

Whether your cargo is refrigerated, frozen, Multi or dry, we have the ideal transport for it

Textile transport

The fashion sector requires special transport specifications. At Tudefrigo we take care of all details to guarantee that the goods arrive in perfect conditions with our ‘garments on hanger’ system (GOH)

Automotive department

Spares and parts logistics, vehicle shipment, coordinated supplies for assembly lines… transport made to measure for every customer

Major North African Routes

Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania are some of our most regular North African routes, covering more than 5,500 km from origin to destination. Facilitating critical points such as border crossings while guaranteeing GPS monitoring and temperature tracking via satellite at all times.

United Kingdom

Extensive experience since the first day in the UK, to which 65% of our journeys are made every year. Thanks to our integral customs service, we have greater flexibility for customs formalities based on support from our logistics hub when setting out for our destination.

The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Others

Regular traffic between main locations in these countries every day.

Nordic Countries and Russia

With the experience acquired, Tudefrigo has expanded its borders to the Scandinavian countries, where all types of loads are consolidated.

National transport

Our fleet travels the length and breadth of Spain, transporting goods 365 days a year, based on the support of our logistics hubs in Tudela and Almería.


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