Quality and innovation

At Tudefrigo we prioritize the quality of our services, and we make it possible thanks to our updated control systems and the continuous training of our professionals

Load Monitoring

Load temperature monitoring from the Central headquarters via satellite.

    • Load temperature monitoring from the cabin.
    • Load temperature monitoring from the Traffic Centre.
    • Satellite alarm system.
    • In-transit temperature tracking system.
    • Temperature monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Door open alarm system.

Fleet Monitoring

PS fleet monitoring and optimisation system (GESINFLOT).

    • Allows for real-time vehicle geolocation.
    • In-transit consumption parameter management.
    • Driver consumption parameter management.
    • Punctuality variable management.
    • GPS vehicle security management.
    • Safety systems (alarms to detect illegal manoeuvres and reckless driving)

Quality certifications

Quality Policy And Food Safety

Tudefrigo offers its customers the guaranteed transport of food and medicine in secure and optimum conditions


International Featured Standard. This is a recognition of the excellence of our fleet and facilities

ISO 9001

Our company holds this exacting international quality certificate since 2007, accredited by AENOR, IQNet and SGS


Good Distribution Practices. For years now, Tudefrigo has held this highly valued certificate guaranteeing the correct processing of pharmaceutical products.


We have a commitment to the environment and the new generations; that’s why we have a fleet of vehicles which we renovate constantly in order to keep emissions as low as possible, thereby enabling us to provide a better and more sustainable service.

To remain committed to the objective of caring for the environment, we use renewable energy at our different locations.