Avant-garde vehicles

We constantly update our fleet of vehicles, all of which correspond to the Euro VI standard and are equipped with the latest technology

400 Refrigerated trailers

Latest generation trailers fitted with a system for monitoring the load temperature from the Traffic Control Centre.

Trailers with Door Open Alarm System.

300 Trucks

Vehicles with a maximum age of 1.7 years. All vehicles are Euro VI standard.

All our trucks are equipped with a GPS Fleet Monitoring System

Maintenance programme

We carry out programmed revisions, with IA support systems to ensure that our vehicles and cooling equipment work perfectly every time. Always ready to go for our customers.

Traffic control centre

Our fleet has the permanent support of our traffic centre systems, including the satellite monitoring of load temperatures and alarms, and of our real-time GPS fleet monitoring systems (GESINFLOT) controls (GESINFLOT)